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Empowering our Nation's Sheroes
501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

Who We Serve


Serving, Honoring, Empowering, and Restoring Our Esteemed Servicewomen



A woman regarded as a hero.

Valor Ranch focuses on a holistic approach to empower our nation’s female veterans.  Each veteran is housed in her own cottage on the ranch. She will also share in activities such as cooking, gardening, and tending to the animals to support the ranch population as a whole. 

Additionally, the SHERO will participate in group, one-on-one, equine therapy, budgeting, cooking classes, as well as volunteering in the community in order to enhance her life skills and increase her self-worth. 

Vision Statement: 

Valor Ranch provides a safe, nurturing environment where SHEROES can stay for up to 12 months to refocus and outline the next chapter of her story.  

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Tribal Council

Luann Rodgers Community Outreach

Community Outreach Specialit

Luann is a Gold Star Wife who has a passion to serve our veterans and share her love for Christ. She has experienced the effects that war and military service can have on a loved one. Sharing her testimony through family support groups with the military connected she too, has found healing and the call to reach others. She is a member of T*A*P*S*, Roll Call, VFW, CVMA Chapter 23-6 and diligently serves the veteran homeless community.

Kendra Prince Vice~President


Kendra Prince is a senior communications specialist who serves as editorial coordinator for Tarrant County College, the seventh-largest college or university in Texas. Through TCC, she met and interviewed Keri Wilcox, president and founder of Valor Ranch. Keri, who was a student at the College at the time and a subject-matter expert on issues affecting veterans, made such an impact on Kendra that the interview led to an article featuring Keri’s story as a Gold Star Wife and her commitment to serving veterans and their families "Continuing to Fight".  Kendra is the daughter of a veteran who served in World War II. 

Donna Klement McCauley Treasurer


Donna Klement McCauley has worked as a bookkeeper and in accounting for 21 years.
Donna’s grandfather served in World War II, and her uncles served in the Vietnam war.
Donna is very excited to be a part of
Such a great organization that help our veterans. 

Pam Barragan Veteran Advocate


Pam is a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran with a heart to help fellow brothers and sisters get back on their feet. Being affiliated with Valor Ranch has given her so much more than just an opportunity to do this. It's given her another place for that camaraderie she once had. She is a music producer, songwriter and up and coming audio engineer. She is also the owner of 2200TAPS which focuses on putting music to people's story with a special place in her heart for fellow Veterans who have struggled and continue to struggle with PTS such as herself. 

Teri Chang Secretary


Teri Chang is a Senior Human Resources Specialist that has served as a Department of the Army civilian at various military installations for more than 30 years. Teri has a BA degree in Economics and Masters of Business Administration.

She began her federal service career in Military Personnel and became proficient in many aspects of the military actions. Later in her career, she transitioned to civilian personnel at the Veteran’s Health Administration in Fort Harrison, Montana. Currently, Teri is the Chief, Labor, Management, and Employee Relations in the personnel office servicing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth, TX.

Teri is excited to serve our female veteran community through Valor Ranch, and hopes to share her expertise in the human resources field to empower female veterans to write the next chapter in their story.

Rachael Wilson Equine Therapy and Infrastructure Designer


Rachael is Marine Veteran with a passion for her fellow brother and sister veterans, and as a woman

veteran, possess a personal understanding and empathy for her sister’s needs.

Working in veteran services for the last year, and as a veteran advocate for the last 4, she has witnessed far too many women veterans suffering without help and connection.

Working through challenges from her time in service, finding that healthy balance, to now helping others find their path to healing. "And like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which fixed

broken pottery with gold or silver, thus preserving and highlighting the “scars” of the piece, but still being useful once repaired, I see Valor Ranch being a place that will help heal the wounds of

those women who are graced to go through the program, making them stronger and more beautiful for the broken places."

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A Safe Place


Valor Ranch offers our Nation's Sheroes a network of sisters from a commitment to mutual respect, support, and sisterhood. In effect, it's a network built on the tried and true military concept of having your sister's "six". 

Put simply, Valor Ranch provides a safe place for military sisters to connect and encourage one another. Then, from this camaraderie and collective strength comes the opportunity for women to fight for improvements in the conditions that structure their lives, the lives of their sisters, and continue writing their story.

Equine Therapy


Caring for horses through grooming, feeding, and being around them has positive effects on the physical well being,communication skills, and much more.

Equine therapy allows the veteran to experiment with caring for another again. The relationship that develops between the veteran and horse becomes a powerful change agent.The presence of the horse helps to reflect the individuals’ actions in the moment. The facilitator translates feedback the horse is giving and prompts the client to think about her preconceived ideas about relationships, leadership, and communication.

Canine Therapy


PTS, MST and other military trauma is complex that is often treated with both therapy and medication. 

Therapy dogs can help prevent future issues like substance abuse. Having emotional support is crucial for individuals suffering from mental health issues like PTS, MST, or other military trauma.

Community Service


For many Veterans, this serves as an opportunity for them to give back in a way they haven’t been able to do so since leaving the military. It provides a strong sense of community for many Veterans and has helped pave the way for many to find jobs and become better acclimated to civilian life.

Sister Chat


A major benefit of sister chat is validation. By being in a group with others struggling with similar challenges, you can see that you are not alone in your struggles.

Another benefit of sister chat is the ability to learn from the experiences of others. What worked and what didn't work. Helping others can increase self-esteem, as well as belief in your own abilities.

Finally, sister chat provides an excellent way of receiving social support from others. A group setting can provide you with the opportunity to develop supportive, trusting, and healthy relationships.

Ambassador/Mentor Program


Leaders on the Ranch and in the community will act as outreach champions at events and meetups, promoting the Valor Ranch and its mission.

Ambassadors will increase mission on/off the ranch and cause exposure by sharing their own experiences and information.

Ambassadors will encourage the community to become supporters by introducing friends, family members and strangers to the need of support for the mission of Valor Ranch.

More importantly, Ambassadors will become mentors to the Sheroes on the ranch. Especially those who have been through the program.

Join the Mission

 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet goals, improve conditions, and empower our Sheroes. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card